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1Photography slows down the human gaze, rendering it more human. This is important in our ever more technologically hectic lives.
I perceive a threshold in photography: the point of transition between the inner and the outer worlds. The point of equilibrium is to be found in the framing. In photography there is negative and positive. There is light and shade. There must be a balance between what is represented and what not. When I take photographs, I describe one part of the world and I erase another. The relationship between what is represented and what is left out (which is often more important than what is in the frame) is what I want to communicate with that image. Photography is thus a continuous “taking away” both from the objective point of view and from the subjective one, to obtain the most effective and simple form of communication.
Photography requires silence and silence is the door-keeper of the interior life. I have to remain silent (even in the middle of a noisy street), until the mental presence of the object states me as a person who is noticing it. This happens progressively.
In the beginning, I let the object itself generate its own photography. I need only be a camera lens. In this way I can meet the presence of the object and define it. This implies always a struggle.
Finally, I need to go beyond and reach my deeper self, realizing that the object itself is the mental limit that must be overcome.